idf_slide article

It was very exciting to be at IDF this year and show off all the posibilities with Umajin combined with Intel RealSense and the Intel IOT stack (with Edison). We demonstrated the Edison controlled robot which was able to react to the RealSense machine vision which was powered by an Intel core processor.

This is RoZie warming up. Her underlying body is a Robotis GP armature with a Spark Product Design flexible 3D printed skin. Her brain is an Intel Edison processor. She has an Intel RealSense camera connected to an Intel Core Ultrabook. The Ultrabook is running the Umajin application builder. Rozie is part of the retail robotics research project with the Store and BrandZ.


This is an Edison powered pedometer, we will have a range of great examples of other projects you can create and interface with your Umajin apps.


Here is the new Intel sensor running in a phone!


This is the new SkyLake architecture. The new Gen9 GPU is really amazing and we will have some announcements to make soon on the features we are taking advantage of in Umajin.


Here is a RealSense camera feeding raw data to Linux, great news for our customers who want to have RealSense powered Linux kiosks using Umajin.