Umajin Spatial is a new generation of 3D geospatial services that are part of the Umajin platform and are being delivered for the hospitality industry through our partner PwC.

Umajin Spatial is a family of technologies including 2D and 3D mapping, 2D and 3D geofencing and software that can locate a small sensor in 2D and 3D both inside and outside without the need to install additional audio/RF/IR beacons.

This image shows staff with a Umajin Spatial compatible device which has been deployed by every major hotel chain.

 Image via SKIFT

Arne Sorenson, Marriott CEO – Speaking with CNBC about our technology

“Technology is becoming more and more accurate and more and more efficient. One of the things we had been wrestling with is how do you find a technology solution to call somebody when it’s urgent whether you are in a 50 storey stacked high rise hotel or a spread out resort so that the technology is simple and accurate.”

Arne Sorenson, Marriott CEO – Full CNBC interview

Here are some more press talking about the roll out and showing the physical sensor which is designed to interface and raise alerts using Umajin Spatial. There are over 4 million hotel rooms in USA alone!