The theme of the workshop was the importance of ip ownership and monetiztion as a way to creative freedom. My talk was about our journey in working out how to make money from internally generated IP. This led into talking about how the launch of the UMAJIN platform can help the creative community get their illustrations, models, music, characters and concepts out to the world on app stores everywhere.

There were inspiring speakers on a wide range of topics talking about ground breaking work done for movies and games in art direction, design, concept art, photography, music and software. There were also talks on legal through to how to improve your life drawing, zbrush or photoshop skills.

The most exciting thing for me was seeing all the people attending getting the opportunity to sit down with amazingly talented presenters and get feedback on their work. Very cool indeed.


There was a main stage where presenters would talk, but around that there were three other screens where artists would be drawing or modelling throughout the day. To keep you totally busy there was also the foyer area where the life modelling and drawing workshops were held.


There was a MASSIVE amount of creativity on hand, everywhere. Some impressive work was created during the show.


A great bunch of talented people! Very exciting to think what will be created once we put the umajin platform in their hands.