David is a leading thinker in user interaction, software design, 3D machine vision, AR, IoT, AI and solutions architecture. This thinking is put into practice with the powerful Umajin digital platform. Umajin allows teams to create content, digital processes and apps much quicker than through traditional techniques. Umajin is a US company with R&D based in New Zealand. David spends most of his time travelling around the world working with the Umajin commercial teams, Umajin partners, and advising customers on new projects and working with them to launch new products. The goal is to make it possible for anybody to be able to create amazing experiences using Umajin.

David has led the creation of Umajin applications with over 30 million instances shipped with partners like Dell, HP, Intel, IBM and Sony.

NZ Inc Bio

David founded Unlimited Realities in 1996 while studying at Massey University and delivered innovative software IP and services within New Zealand and overseas. With strong capability in 3D, gesture and multi touch the company was able to win the contract to create the Dell Stage for all Dell consumer machines in 2009. The company then transitioned to a product company using the Umajin engine to ship over 30 million apps through partners including Dell, Acer, ASUS, Sony, Intel and HP. The company renamed itself Umajin and has now launched the Umajin app creator as a platform to enable anyone to create stunning native apps for Windows, OSX, iOS and android.

* 2016 : Umajin Application Solutions launch – Customers include partners like IBM & Juniper
* 2016 : Umajin for kiosks launched with Intel and NexCom at the Retail Asia Show more
* 2016 : Umajin enterprise website with solution library and full developer help site launched
* 2016 : Umajin version 1.5 with Enterprise support launched
* 2016 : Umajin partners with Ryerson and the DMZ – the top University Incubator in North America
* 2016 : First North American office opened in Toronto
* 2016 : Umajin working with Intel on the new range of Intel RealSense devices
* 2016 : Umajin version 1.4 with JavaScript launched
* 2015 : $5m USD raised to launch the Enterprise and IOT opportunities
* 2015 : Umajin wins the most innovative mobile solution at the Enterprise Mobility Forum
* 2015 : Umajin launched the Umajin IOT kit with WPP and Intel
* 2015 : Umajin version 1.3 with IOT launched
* 2015 : Umajin wins two awards at the HiTech awards
* 2015 : Umajin RealSense edition launched with Intel
* 2015 : MoveIt launched with DreamWorks and Intel
* 2014 : New Umajin website and version 1.2 launched
* 2014 : Intel(R) RealSense(TM) partnership – Umajin lets anyone create Intel(R) RealSense(TM) powered apps
* 2014 : Presenting Umajin at the Ogilvy Labs day in London
* 2014 : Launched Umajin version 1.1
* 2014 : Launched Umajin version 1.0
* 2014 : Winner of the Apex Gold award at the Digital Signage Expo
* 2013 : Launched Fingertapps Instruments on the HP Recline 23, 27 and the HP Split x2 and HP Pavillion 11 x2
* 2013 : Launching the umajin platform for Windows, iOS, android and OSX
* 2013 : Launched Fingertapps Instruments and Fingertapps Jigswar the HP Envy Rove 20 for Windows 8
* 2013 : Launched Fingertapps Instruments with the Dell XPS 18 for Windows 8
* 2013 : Launched family Organizer with ASUS
* 2013 : Created Fingertapps Piano for Leap Motion
* 2012 : Launched Fingertapps Family Organizer with Sony for Windows 8
* 2012 : Created Kung Pow Kevin for the Intel perceptual computing initiative
* 2011 : Launched 5 new Window 7 consumer applications with Dell, Acer, Asus
* 2010 : Unlimited Realities wins the New Zealand HiTech awards software category
* 2010 : Fingertapps wins the contract to build the Dell stage for every Dell consumer machine
* 2009 : Fingertapps ships Touchzone on all Dell touch machines
* 2008 : Fingertapps brand created and reboot to commercialise umajin in the export market
* 2006 : Umajin Creative launched at CeBit
* 1997 : Award winning internet enabled application for Cricket broadcasting
* 1996 : Unlimited Realities formed