It was very exciting to launch a Umajin powered IOT kit with WPP and Intel at a big event in London at the University of Arts.


The kit (link) contains camera, beacons, sensors and a Intel Edison CPU. There are also use cases which you can build in under an hour so you can have a working mobile app which interfaces with all these technologies.


Here is David Roth the Retail CEO of the WPP group (EMEA) showing off the kit up on stage.


As well as showing off our IOT robot I talked on stage on a panel about machine intelligence along with Steve Newbury
of Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Andy Jones from the agency Salmon.


Overall this was an amazing event with many inspiring speakers including Joe Jensen from Intel, David Wright from Kantar, Jon Hamm from Geometry Global, Jeremy Pounder from Mindshare, Tim Greenhalgh from Fitch and a great introduction and summary from David Roth from The Store WPP.

After the main event there was also an interactive “fashion-esque experience” featured an eclectic mix of concepts, products, applications and ingenuity that showed how we could revolutionise the way we sell and build brands. From smart shelves, wearables, smart packaging to, well, smart everything…